PepsiCo is one the world's largest food and beverage companies, coming in at 46 on the Fortune 500. PepsiCo employs over 220,000 people worldwide across 6 major business sectors.

The EHS team were set to roll-out a traditional Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Program when they paused to ask the question — is there a better way?

The trouble was, safety was being commoditised. Everything was about another strategy, another program, another policy — another thing to do. There was a tendency to take a set of objectives and look for the next shiny new program that might lead to an outcome.

This approach resulted in small incremental changes, but nothing substantial over time. And so when the Next Big Thing came along, such as BBS… the cycle continued. Leaders were responsible for implementing new programs to drive performance objectives.

PepsiCo’s real objective became obvious: find a way to make EHS inherently motivating, and influence employees behaviour at work.

The answer lay in bridging the gap between objectives and outcomes. Often, objectives are cooked up in the strategy room — far removed from the real context of work. The reason they fail to connect is simple — narrative and emotion are completely missing from the recipe. By the time any strategy hits the floor, all of the life has been wrung out of it. And all we're left with is another dry, stale, and lifeless set of corporatese. Yawn. 

The greatest movements all begin with narrative. Narrative fuels emotion, and connects objectives to purpose. And THIS is what leads to real outcomes and change.

The result was a communication strategy that aligned with the overall EHS strategy. 

Lead by global, the strategy was delivered to all levels in the organisation through the lens of: what if PepsiCo were of a village of 100 people, rather than 200,000 stretched worldwide. An organisation of 200,000 seems vast and impersonal, and makes it difficult to feel connected to others, some of whom may be thousands of kilometres away. However, a village of 100 encourages a different mindset, and different behaviours. We know and care for everybody in a village of 100. An injury not only effects one person — it effects a family, and the entire village.

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