PepsiCo is one the world's largest food and beverage corporations, coming in at 46 on the Fortune 500. PepsiCo employs over 220,000 people worldwide across 6 major business sectors: Asia, Middle East & North Africa (AMENA), Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA), Fritolay North Amercia (FLNA), Latin America (LATAM), North American Beverages (NAB) and PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours (PWF).

The PepsiCo Global Environment, Health & Safety Leadership Team (EHSLT) headed up by Megan Tranter (VP of EHS) and Jasmine Omar (Director EHS) are responsible for setting the strategy, ensuring compliance and operational reporting for all these sectors.

EHS communication at PepsiCo has been improving over the last 4 years with a focus on increasing engagement by taking a more strategic approach to what information gets passed along — and how that information was presented. A strategic comms session in LA with Jaxzyn, Megan and Jasmine, uncovered the need for a well thought out communication strategy and plan specific for EHS.




These words set the foundations for brainstorming what it was that EHS actually stood for -- what the manifesto was, the vision statement, and the tagline. We knew that it wasn’t simply reaching ‘zero’ — zero incidents, zero fatalities, zero impact. This EHS team wanted to contribute more to PepsiCo and the world, by leaving a positive impact.

And so a manifesto was born — PepsiCo EHS: Pursue Positive.

For the past decade we’ve had our sights on neutral. No injuries. No impact. We’ve pursued it with an insatiable hunger — wolves to the scent. No impact — an audacious goal. A worthy goal. But, it’s no longer our goal. It’s a bar still set by industry standards, accepted by our peers. But it’s no longer enough, for us. We are the people who make this company a global leader — not only in food and beverage, but sustainability. We are the organization that set a vision for a healthier future for people, and our planet. We are the brand that rallied a generation to live life to the max.

Neutral is not in our nature.  Let’s aspire to more. Let’s push to positive. Where we don’t just get through each day without injury or incident, but leave work healthier and happier. Where we don’t just operate without damaging our planet, but strive to make the world we live in a better place — for the people who work here, our families, our communities, and for future generations. We will do this. Not to follow standards. Not to follow peers. Not to follow — but to change the game.

PepsiCo EHS. Pursue positive.