BlueCare is one of Australia's leading in-home, retirement living, and aged care providers. The organisation has over 10,000 employees delivering tailored support and advice to their customers.

Aged care can be a difficult industry to work in — physically and emotionally. Cultural surveys undertaken in early 2015 had revealed their workforce was feeling overwhelmed, under pressure, and disconnected from each other and the organisation.

Aged care reforms in 2015 pushed the industry into a competitive environment, further increasing the pressure employees were feeling.

In 2016, a very serious incident occurred due to a small lapse in concentration from an employee. Initial communications about the incident were delivered quickly internally, but it raised the need for long term culture change to address the root of the issue.

To tackle this Blue Care launched a strategy to ensure such incidents were addressed and not to be repeated.

It was established that the messaging for the campaign had to be extremely simple, so as to not overwhelm an already overburdened workforce. We needed one simple idea that could infiltrate language, be easy to share, and easy to trigger.

Ultimately, it needed to shift mindsets to change behaviours. The idea came from neuroscience, specifically the physiology of what happens to your brain when you pause, take a deep breathe, and then breath out. It’s a process that takes no longer than 3 seconds. Yet the process immediately sends a message to your amygdala that you’re not under threat, cortisol is reduced, we become more present, and capable of making better decisions.

The messaging for the campaign became: “3 seconds to pause, and be there – it might feel like a lifetime to you, but it could be a life sentence to someone else”. ‘Take 3’ became a simple mantra that could be incorporated into daily rituals when people found themselves caught up in the ‘busyness’ of the day. 

To address the geographically diverse frontline workforce, simple packs consisting of a mix of print and digital collaterals to distribute across all available channels at every centre.

While the nature of the content was serious, the campaign walked a fine line to bring lightness, optimism, care, and even a little humour, without trivialising the situation. This balance hinged on effective narrative, copywriting and design.

The concept of mindfulness hadn’t been explored by BlueCare, and landed well with the audience. The simplicity of the message allowed for easy uptake.