I’ll confess that this is a little wordier than I’d intended. I’d imagined a far pithier piece, given the subject matter. Necessary complexity? I think so. Minimum fat? I’ve taken shears and pruned enthusiastically several times. But, surely there’s a simple way to summarise it all? 

Perhaps… let’s peek four applications of complex material simplified to increase comprehension, engagement and experience. 


Nordstrom employee handbook

We’ve used this example before, but when it comes to embedding culture — messaging doesn't get any more simple or effective. 

PepsiCo safety reporting

Important metrics should always be visualised, but we know that simplicity is more than that. In the case of the PepsiCo safety reporting, we built branded Powerpoint templates to not only share complicated data in a simple and engaging way, but also make it simple for the global EHS team to update in-house. 

Placeholder content only. Does not indicate actual PepsiCo metrics.

London Underground maps

Back to our earlier example — the new London Underground maps include the number of steps between stations to show when walking is an easier option than tinning sardines and crowded carriages. Simplicity through addition? Who’d have thunk.

PepsiCo Metrics Manual

Policies and processes can be complicated. They needn’t be. Infact, if we want them to stick — they shouldn’t be. Our work with the forward-thinkers at PepsiCo EHS takes a complex yet important document and transforms it into an engaging tool by changing the delivery format, finding relevance and visualising content. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.