Dust Temple (cafe), Currumbin

Date & time:
27 June 2016 at 11:00am

Creating cultures of collaboration, and coffee.


I’ve really done it this time — bitten off too big a topic and fated to choke. No amount of Heimlich manoeuvring is bringing me, or this quarterly, back. So much research still to sift and simplify. Words keep on doubling then tripling, this quarterly is too darn long already and still the sentences keep multiplying. The further we go, the further away the finish seems. Are these symposiums be revealing a little too much… personality? Overwhelmed, unsure, and still unwilling to ask for help. It’s probably because of my ego — I hate to admit defeat. 

With these somber thoughts, I entered our final symposium feeling — I imagine — like a general on the brink of being beaten. Brave resignation and readiness to fall onto a sharp blade to absolve my shame. I hadn’t called for help, yet still I clung to the feeblest hope that the others would come riding in unbid and save me from my self-wrought fate. Yes, if someone could just help me land, gut and fillet this leviathan so I can just move on with my life, that’d be nice. 

Out of my own head and into the Dust Temple. Attempted small talk with the owner, Isla. Failed. Attempted small talk with Hills. Failed. Noted through my misery that everyone else seemed horribly cheerful and enthusiastic. Daz threw several thousand new ideas into the mix. Al added a few hundred more, along with the latest issue of BRW complete with collaboration on the cover. The sight of further research coaxed a tear from my eye and into my flat white — the salty taste of self-pity lingered. All these ideas and energy would've been so wonderful a few weeks earlier. It’s entirely my fault it isn’t. Jen, aware of my fragile state, tried her best to move things towards some sort of resolution. Failed (valiantly). 

Unfortunately, some very good ideas were birthed from the session. There was the suggestion of a progress breadcrumb throughout the article — an excellent idea that I suspect will never make the final execution due to time constraints (edit: it didn’t). 

Despite every effort to wallow, it was actually great to catch up. So much potential in this topic, I only wish I knew how to finish it off at a standard to match. Should I have emailed progress through earlier? Probably. Should I have blown the horn to rally my cohorts for symposium IV earlier? Definitely. Is it all too late at this point? I don’t even know. Before I knew it we were wrapping up and heading out, at which point Ali pointed out I’d left her BRW on the table. 



Symposium — in summary


Symposium — in detail

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