Ocean View (holiday apartments), Rainbow Beach

Date & time:
14 May 2016 at 7:00pm

Current best practices, research, and red wine


Our third symposium went down in Rainbow Beach, a small beachside town just north of Noosa and slightly south of Hervey Bay. It’s a downright magical place: clear water lapping white sand below cliffs dripping rainbows (Rainbow Beach, the name — so adorably literal!). You come here to get cozy with nature, and bask in serenity in the only truly Australian way — belting along beaches in diesel-belching boxes. Here, magnificent displays of unspoiled wilderness and unbridled boganism abound in splendid symbiosis. The timing of the holiday also seemed fortuitous for our third symposium: best practices and current research on collaboration.

We’re nothing if not thorough in our investigations, so it was inevitable that at least one session would involve libation. We certainly libated liberally. This wasn’t entirely planned, mind — I’d actually envisioned us sitting around with a nice bottle of pinot and making intelligent conversation. Instead, everyone got a little over-excited and the best I got out of the session was a nonsensical metaphor about three small boats. Yes, in proper holiday spirit, Jen, Daz and Ali popped the first cork before lunch, and everything went steadily downhill from there. I snuck a nap at three and hoped when I woke up that sanity had returned. It had not. By around seven o’clock, several bottles of wine and numerous cervezas deep, I realised that if we were going to have a symposium, it would best be sooner than later. 

I actually can't remember much of what happened. I was hoping I'd look back at my notebook and discover profound genius, but to be honest it looked like the incoherent ravings of a bunch of lunatics. For example: at least three separate notations about gin. I’m not sure if Darren really wanted me to include gin palaces, or was proposing a switch to spirits. There’s also what looks suspiciously like the sketchings of a model. Note to self: must remain wary at all times.

[left] Springing the symposium on Ali & Jen  [middle] Daz seemed enthusiastic though  [right] Now, however...

But to the results — what did we discover? Group gin drinking aside, what examples of are there of collaboration done right? Who’s doing it well, and who did it well in the past? Most importantly: what processes might we steal from them? With the catastrophic collapse of the collective this time around, it all falls to me. 


Symposium — in summary


Symposium — in detail

  Click to enlarge. Salty language warning!

Click to enlarge. Salty language warning!