Warehouse No.5 (co-working space), Burleigh Heads

Date & time:
12 May 2016 at 1:00pm (1.30pm)

Assumptions, myths, pitfalls, and bagels.


The week following the first symposium was a glorious time, full of follow-up research and snide comments to Daz and Ali about tardiness. Yes, I quite enjoyed being on a high horse about punctuality for the first time in my life. Alas — short-lived. Our second symposium saw us return to form and running late. This delighted the Hills, who capitalised with several text messages escalating in obnoxiousness.

We finally arrived at the co-working space to further heckling. Hilarious. Fortunately the combination of a great space, good coffee, and satisfactory bagels inspired. The session that followed can best be described as trying to umpire four simultaneous games of ping pong, each with multiple balls. Ideas were flung with enthusiastic abandon: hard, fast, and from all which-ways — curve balls everywhere. Your old pal here struggled to get all the points down, keep up with tangents, keep us relatively on track without jumping too far ahead, and ensure that we discussed a few key points around MIT’s research into collective intelligence (more on that in topic 4).

Jen encouraged me to give everyone a glimpse of quarterly progress so far. Presenting incomplete work gives me terrors, so I revealed it reluctantly. What if they hated it? Worse — what if someone suggested improvements? I shuffled uncomfortably and watched their reactions. Fortunately for everyone, appropriate expressions of approval all round. Smiles; relief; potential crisis averted. 

Discussion also ricocheted between several other interesting but completely off-agenda topics, including one particularly amusing hypothetical that considered what an army founded on inclusive collaboration might look like if everyone jumped into a brainstorming session before storming an enemy bunker. Fascinating? Certainly — however my obsessive need for logical structure compels me to exclude it from the following topic, and slide it slyly into a more relevant place (topic 3). 

We rounded off the symposium exhausted — overwhelmed by the number of topics considered and the scope of the material still to cover. Or perhaps it was just post-carb sleepiness? Regardless, we forge ahead boldly, together, with enthusiasm, and so far, sadly — without hint of conflict. 


Symposium — in summary


Symposium — in detail

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