Barefoot Barista (cafe), Palm Beach

Date & time:
20 April 2016 at 12:30pm

Loose discussion around ideas, possibilities, outcomes, and lunch.


It all began with lunch, which is always an excellent place to begin. With the dizzying possibilities of a new quarterly focus, food, and coffee combined, we arrived fifteen minutes early. The Hills were thirty minutes late, which was anticlimactic. 

When they finally arrived, Daz dove straight in — just as I feared he would. Actually, to be honest, I’d secretly hoped he would so I could fire a few cannonballs at him in the post-session survey. Unfortunately it was all pretty decent content, so that dampened the gunpowder a little. Jen seemed quieter than usual, and Ali surprised by squeezing at least eight words edgeways — all of them insightful. I didn’t surprise at all with a curious approach* — ears open, mouth closed, eyeballing the others over slow-cooked pork while they all pushed salad around plates in perverse defiance of superior menu choices. Together, we took a leisurely stroll through a series of loose conversations that sauntered between camping, staffing, brewery openings, happiness in Kuwait, and of course — collaboration.

Between bites, expectations were expressed for what this collaboration might become. No mention of boxes from Darren, yet, though I’ve heard murmurs of potential collaboration models already. Sure does love a model, ol’ Dazza. I chose to ignore his subtle attempts at psychological seed-planting, for now. Yes, the path ahead is still delightfully hazy, and I intend to keep the Pragmatic Thinking crew from becoming overly pragmatic, just yet. 

However, while we wallowed in possibility, that’s not to say we didn’t sketch out a plan. In deviation from the usual script, I was elected project leader. Ordinarily I’m loathe to lead, introversion and all that, but this quarterly is my bloody party and I’ll darn well host it as I please. The first flaunting of my role was to lay down the rules: the symposium format; the post-session review. These ideas were readily adopted, and the surveys answered with delightful disrespect. Yes, the responses certainly enlightened — each valuable insight wrapped in withering honesty and language that would make the crassest mariner blush. 

So far this is better than I could ever have hoped, though the sceptic inside still fears it's only a matter of time before inevitability comes crashing. 

* I’ve been told my curious face can also be interpreted as coldly judgemental. Shark-like even.

Symposium — in summary


Symposium — in detail

 Click to enlarge. Salty language warning!

Click to enlarge. Salty language warning!