Dougal Jackson (aka Dougs)
Director / Creative lead

Dougal draws on a background in design and branding to bring a unique approach to a corporate landscape typically starved for creativity. He holds an unwavering belief in the power of ideas, and human-centred design as a tool to connect with people at all levels of an organisation. With partner, Jen, he helms Jaxzyn — building a global reputation as an employee experience company that goes beyond typical, bringing highly effective strategy set alight by strong creative. He considers himself lucky to have worked with leaders and influencers of Fortune 50 and ASX listed organisations. Recent work includes helping steer the brand and direction of PepsiCo EHS — inspiring 200,000 employees worldwide to pursue positive; re-imagining how environment, health and safety and corporate social responsibility might look in the future at Mattel; and guiding creative strategy for change, culture and leadership programs for McDonalds, Suncorp, Telstra and Coca Cola.

Jen Jackson (aka Jen)
Director / Strategic lead

Jen believes in the difference-makers and visionaries, trend-setters and forward-thinkers, influencers and leaders. Her work as strategic lead at Jaxzyn (an employee experience company) extends, elevates and executes the ideas and vision of these rare few, to move the many — the 1.3 billion people who shape our world’s largest organisations. She’s helped leaders at forward-thinking Fortune 50 and ASX listed businesses to make a difference — increasing engagement, forging culture, facilitating change, and communication that connects, informs, inspires, motivates and resonates through every level. Jen balances business objectives, strategy and performance with a deep understanding of what works at the frontline. She champions human, and fights for work that considers people first and foremost. Above all, she has an unwavering optimism and unrelenting drive for possible in all that she does, and all who she works with.


Alison Hill (aka Ali)
Director / Psychologist
Pragmatic Thinking

Alison is a registered Psychologist with a wealth of experience in working with both organisations and individuals going through transitions. As a skilled trainer and facilitator, Alison works closely with individuals and teams from executive level to frontline, ensuring that behaviours shift towards achieving business strategy. She also helps organisations improve their internal processes for managing maternity transitions. As a proud and passionate working mum herself, Alison understands the opportunities and challenges for both the individuals involved, and businesses they work for. She’s the co-author of the essential management book, Dealing With The Tough Stuff, and Managing Director at Pragmatic Thinking. /

Darren Hill (aka Daz)
Director / Behavioural scientist
Pragmatic Thinking

As a Behavioural scientist, Darren has a legitimate license to study people for a living. Creepy, yet it also helps him genuinely make a difference to the difference makers. The work he does at Pragmatic Thinking (a behaviour and motivation strategy company) sees him working with influential folk inside ambitious organisations — from lean startups to Fortune 50 and ANZ top 20 companies — to drive contemporary work practices. He’s penned several books, including the best-selling Dealing With The Tough Stuff, and delivers keynotes from Melbourne to Kuwait, and plenty of places in between. /