Roll with us on a rambling manifesto for change as we rage furious at Professionalism, hoist the flag for Human, and unmask the myth that the two are mutually exclusive. Together we’ll wander back and forth between art and neuroscience, with a brief historical detour down the cobbled streets of Industrial Revolution era Great Britain (we warned you it was rambling), before plunging headlong down the rabbit hole to re-imagine communication and re-think the employee experience. Consider this a rally, of sorts, for clever leaders with bold ideas — to engage, inspire, and influence their people, and propel their organisation onwards.  


This hefty tome is split in fifths. For the time-constrained, we recommend the sampling in sections. Ahh, but for the brave — free the hour, kick hooves onto a desk, and devour this devil whole. 

Chapter I: Fainting goats & other whimsy. 
Chapter II: Where the heck did it all go wrong?
Chapter III. Hoisting the banner of human.
Chapter IV. Headlong down the rabbit hole.
Chapter V.  Well, that’s about it then…