Dougal Jackson, Director

Dougal draws on a background in design and branding, to bring a unique approach to communication in a corporate landscape typically starved for creativity. He holds an unwavering belief in the power of ideas, and human-centred design as a tool to connect them with people at all levels of an organisation. 

Additional contributors

Jen Jackson
Kenia de los Campos
Sam Kenneally, Illustrator


We believe in the difference-makers and visionaries, trend-setters and forward-thinkers, influencers and leaders. Our work extends, elevates and executes the ideas and vision of these rare few, to move the many — the 1.3 billion people who shape our world’s largest organisations. 

Together, we’ve helped leaders make a difference — increasing engagement, forging culture, facilitating change, and communication that connects, informs, inspires, motivates and resonates through every level. 

We are realistic idealists — balancing business objectives, strategy and performance with a deep understanding of what works at the frontline. We champion human, and will always fight for work that considers people first and foremost. Above all, we share an unwavering optimism and unrelenting drive for possible in all that we do, and all who we work with.

For the few who move the many —
We make possible.

References & thanks

We'd like to give big thanks to Beau Bardenhagen for taking the time to email us with an extremely eloquent lambasting of our research around learning styles. Critique delivered with aplomb — like being flogged with a velvet paddle. Thanks Beau.

And, a by-no-means comprehensive list, these are just a few of the articles that had us thinking:……………
Capitalizing on Effective Communication – How Courage, Innovation and Discipline Drive Business Results in Challenging Times, Towers Watson, 2010.