Chapter V. Well, that’s about it then… |or| A very brief conclusion.

And so we come to the part where we wrap everything up in a nice little package, knot the ribbon, and move onto the rest of our day. Happily. Ever. After. 

But this isn’t a John Grisham novel, nor a Hollywood film, and this certainly isn’t that sort of article.

No — we’re in pioneering territory, and you’re leading the pack. Most modern organisations are still dealing in Victorian definitions, and many leaders who should know better still wear professionalism as a misguided badge of managerial honour.

Then there’s those — you — who know better. 

For you who see the opportunities, who aren’t afraid to break a century of misconceptions about what it means to be a professional, who’re driven to truly make a difference — status quo be damned…

For you — 

It’s thrilling times indeed.